Introduction: Keloid Treatment In Ayurveda

curly mullet: Keloids, also known as keloidal scars, manifest as an excessive proliferation of fibrous scar tissue that extends beyond the confines of the initial wound site. These aberrant growths often develop within areas of scar tissue stemming from diverse sources such as burns, surgical incisions, chemical injuries, insect bites, pimples, scratches, wounds, accidents, body piercings, and acne. While keloids typically emerge at the site of injury, they can occasionally appear suddenly on the skin without prior warning. Today we know about the keloid treatment in ayurveda.

Keloids exhibit a variable range of colors, spanning from a pinkish hue to flesh-colored, or even shifting towards shades of red and dark brown. Scarring is an inherent part of the body’s natural healing process; however, keloids represent a more severe and extensive form of scarring. In certain instances, keloids can induce sensations of itching and discomfort, and they may manifest as raised, red lumps on the skin’s surface. Notably, keloids can manifest on any part of the body, often surpassing the boundaries of the original injury site, thereby evolving into abnormal scars.

Keloid Treatment In Ayurveda

Initiating treatment for keloids from their earliest stages is crucial in preventing their progression into more complex cases. While a comprehensive solution for keloids remains a remarkable challenge for modern science, Patanjali Traditional keloid treatment in ayurveda Center has been providing successful, natural treatments for keloid scar removal, benefiting countless individuals worldwide by helping them completely eliminate keloids.

Commencing keloid scar treatment at Patanjali Ayurvedics is a straightforward process. keloid treatment in ayurveda scarring can commence following an initial consultation with a doctor via phone or the internet. Achieving complete healing of keloid scars necessitates adhering to specific precautions both before and during the course of medication.

Keloid Treatment In Ayurveda

Agnijith – Keloid Removal Cream

Agnijith, an alternative Ayurvedic remedy designed for the keloid treatment in ayurveda, offers a natural cure for this condition. In severe cases of keloids, these growths can often rupture, leading to the discharge of blood and pus. This medicinal herbal treatment proves highly effective in the healing process, aiding in the removal of dead cells while halting the discharge of pus and blood.

Agnijith takes the form of a cream with potent antimicrobial properties, facilitating easy absorption by the skin and enhancing blood circulation at the capillary level. The remarkable healing capabilities of Agnijith, along with its capacity to rejuvenate the skin to its former vitality, have earned it widespread recognition and a strong reputation over the years.

Application of Medicine:

Keloid Treatment In Ayurveda

To treat a keloid, generously apply Agnijith cream to the affected area and leave it on the skin for a duration of 2 hours. In the case of open wound keloids, reapply a thick layer of Agnijith to the affected site every 2 hours.

When dealing with keloids, wash them using a mild soap. In instances of wounds, rinse the affected area with sterilized cotton.
Store the medicine in a cool place, and it’s important to note that the cream should only be applied when it is at room temperature.

In Vitro Study Report conducted by department of bio technology University of Kerala, India

For additional information, it is advisable to schedule a consultation with the doctor. The prescription and treatment duration for keloid scars will be determined following an initial consultation with the doctor, taking into account the severity of the condition and the underlying cause of the keloid scarring. You can get in touch with our doctor either by telephone or by sending us comprehensive details of your skin issue along with photographs of the affected area.

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