direct earnings attachment: The internet is full of opportunities to earn money easily, and some of them can be too good to be true. One of the latest sites that have gained the attention of many people is RupeeTub. You might have heard about it, and you’re probably wondering if it’s real or fake. In this blog post, we’re going to review the RupeeTub site and determine whether it’s genuine or a scam.

What is RupeeTub Site?

First, let’s talk about what RupeeTub is. It’s a website that claims to offer people the chance to earn money by watching videos, completing surveys, and referring friends. Sounds great, right? However, before you dive in, you need to know the catch. The website has a highHint of the fragrance of scam around it. A legitimate site that promises you money for watching YouTube videos is a red flag already.

About RupeeTub Site Owner And Company

  • Website Name : RupeeTub – Get Paid today for watching ads online
  • Website :
  • Founder : Information Not Found
  • Language : English

The website does not have any information about its owners or the company it operates under. All of these factors point towards the likelihood that the site is fake, and you’d just be wasting your time watching videos and completing surveys for nothing.

RupeeTub Site:Trust Score


The Rupee Tub website holds a suspiciously low trust score. A site’s trust score reflects the number of positive and negative reviews or feedback that it has received. A low trust score indicates that the website is untrustworthy or a scam. Rupee Tubs trust score is below average. It’s also worth noting that the website does not have a presence on social media platforms or any reputable online forums. That’s another sign that the website is a False information.

RupeeTub Site:Payment Process

let’s consider their payment process. Once you’re eligible to receive payment, you’re instructed to enter your bank account details. Keep in mind that sharing your bank details with an untrustworthy website is a risky move. Such information can easily be misused, and you could end up losing more than you earned.Fraudulent behaviour has unfortunately become commonplace for websites to use such tactics that could possibly harm their users in the long run.

RupeeTub Site:Website Design

The website’s user interface is poorly designed, which can either be a sign of them being a new company or having malicious intentions. Apart from that, the website has several grammatical errors, poorly written content, and unrealistic screenshots that are clearly photoshopped. A closer evaluation of such indicators is a clear warning and enormous clue on being aware of the risks of this site.


In conclusion, RupeeTub seems to be a fake website that lures unsuspecting individuals into parting with their precious time. The site’s suspicious nature, low trust score, and unprofessional design points to the high possibility that it is a hoax. It’s best, therefore, that you should steer clear of it unless you want to waste your time and possibly expose your bank details to cybercriminals. Always use your better judgement when it comes to online money-making sites. It’s better to do some research and see online reviews before committing yourself to any money-making site.

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Is RupeeTub a legitimate website?

No, Rupee Tub is not a legitimate website.

How does RupeeTub make money?

Rupee Tub claims to make money through watching videos, completing surveys, and referring friends.

Is it safe to share personal and bank details with RupeeTub?

It is not safe to share personal and bank details with Rupee Tub.

Can I really earn money by watching videos on RupeeTub?

No, the promise of earning money by watching videos on Rupee Tub is likely false.