When it comes to creating a truly enchanting and serene landscape, few elements can rival the allure of moss. With its lush, velvety texture and vibrant shades of green, moss adds a touch of natural elegance to any outdoor space. Whether you’re designing a fairy garden, enhancing a shaded corner, or creating a moss-covered pathway, Wholesale Nursery Co. offers a wide range of moss varieties to help you embrace the captivating beauty of this versatile plant. With our commitment to quality and a diverse selection, Wholesale Nursery Co. is your go-to destination for moss for sale.

The Charm and Benefits of Moss in Landscaping

1.1 Aesthetic Appeal and Natural Beauty

Moss possesses a unique charm that instantly captivates the eye. Its intricate patterns and soft texture create a sense of tranquility and visual interest. Whether used as a ground cover, in rock gardens, or as an accent to other plants, moss brings a touch of natural beauty to any landscape. The lush green hues of moss can create a soothing and calming atmosphere, evoking a sense of serenity and connection to the natural world.

1.2 Moisture Retention and Erosion Control

One of the remarkable characteristics of moss is its ability to retain moisture. This makes it an excellent choice for areas with high humidity or damp environments. By covering the ground with moss, you can help prevent soil erosion and retain moisture, which is beneficial for the health of other plants in your landscape. Moss also acts as a natural sponge, absorbing excess water and reducing runoff.

1.3 Low-Maintenance and Resilience

Moss is renowned for its low-maintenance nature, making it a popular choice for gardeners seeking hassle-free options. Unlike traditional lawns that require regular mowing and watering, moss requires minimal upkeep once established. It thrives in shade and prefers moist conditions, making it an ideal choice for areas with limited sunlight or high moisture levels. Moss is also highly resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable and long-lasting ground cover option.

Wholesale Nursery Co.: Your Source for Premium Moss Varieties

2.1 Uncompromising Quality and Expertise

At Wholesale Nursery Co., we are committed to providing the highest quality moss available in the market. We source our moss from reputable growers who share our dedication to excellence. Our team of horticulture experts ensures that every batch of moss meets strict standards of health, vibrancy, and beauty. When you choose Wholesale Nursery Co., you can trust that you will receive premium moss that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

2.2 Diverse Range of Moss Varieties

We understand that different landscapes and design preferences require a variety of moss options. That’s why Wholesale Nursery Co. offers a wide range of moss varieties to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for lush and velvety carpet moss, the delicate and intricate forms of sheet moss, or the unique texture of cushion moss, our inventory is carefully curated to provide you with an extensive selection of options. We also offer different species of moss to suit various growing conditions and preferences.

2.3 Wholesale Pricing for Professionals and Enthusiasts

Wholesale Nursery Co. caters to both landscaping professionals and gardening enthusiasts. We offer competitive wholesale pricing, ensuring that you can access high-quality moss at affordable rates. Whether you’re working on a large-scale project or simply enhancing your personal garden, our wholesale pricing makes it convenient and cost-effective to embrace the natural elegance of moss in your landscape.

2.4 Expert Guidance and Support

At Wholesale Nursery Co., we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is available to guide you through the process of selecting, establishing, and maintaining moss in your landscape. We can provide valuable advice on the best moss varieties for your specific climate, soil conditions, and desired aesthetic. Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or a beginner gardener, we are here to offer personalized guidance and support to ensure your success in incorporating moss into your outdoor space.

Popular Moss Varieties at Wholesale Nursery Co.

3.1 Carpet Moss (Hypnum spp.)

Carpet moss, also known as sheet moss, is a versatile and commonly used moss variety. It forms a dense, velvety carpet-like cover, creating a lush and captivating ground layer in gardens and landscapes. Carpet moss is shade-loving and thrives in moist, well-draining soil. Its ability to retain moisture makes it an excellent choice for areas with high humidity or damp conditions.

3.2 Cushion Moss (Leucobryum spp.)

Cushion moss, with its unique texture and cushion-like appearance, adds a touch of visual interest and depth to any landscape. It forms dense mounds or “cushions” of moss, providing an eye-catching feature in rock gardens, between stepping stones, or as an accent in container arrangements. Cushion moss prefers shaded areas with moist soil conditions.

3.3 Fern Moss (Thuidium spp.)

Fern moss, as the name suggests, resembles the delicate fronds of ferns. Its feathery and branching structure creates an enchanting and whimsical appeal. Fern moss is often used in terrariums, fairy gardens, and other miniature landscapes due to its small size and intricate form. It thrives in moist and shaded environments, making it an excellent choice for shaded garden beds and woodland settings.

3.4 Haircap Moss (Polytrichum spp.)

Haircap moss is known for its tall, upright growth habit and unique hair-like structures that give it a distinctive appearance. Its tall stems and delicate green leaves add vertical interest to landscapes and provide a naturalistic and woodland feel. Haircap moss prefers cool, moist conditions and can tolerate slightly drier soils compared to other moss varieties.

3.5 Rock Cap Moss (Dicranum spp.)

Rock cap moss is a resilient and adaptable moss variety that grows in a wide range of conditions. It has a mounding growth habit and forms dense mats or clumps on rocks, walls, and other surfaces. Rock cap moss is often used in rock gardens, crevices, and as a naturalistic element in hardscape designs. It can tolerate both sun and shade, making it a versatile option for various landscapes.

Creating a Moss Garden or Landscape

4.1 Selecting the Right Moss Variety

Before creating a moss garden or incorporating moss into your landscape, it’s essential to select the appropriate moss variety for your specific conditions and desired aesthetic. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, soil moisture levels, and the intended purpose of the moss. Different moss varieties have varying preferences and tolerances, so choosing the right one will ensure its success and longevity in your landscape.

4.2 Preparing the Site

To establish moss in your landscape, it’s important to prepare the site properly. Moss prefers moist and well-draining soil, so amend the soil if necessary to ensure proper drainage. Remove any weeds or competing vegetation from the area to provide an optimal environment for the moss to grow. Additionally, moss requires shade or partial shade, so consider the location and create the desired shade conditions if needed.

4.3 Establishing Moss

Moss can be established in various ways, depending on the chosen method and moss variety. Some mosses can be transplanted from existing patches, while others can be propagated from spores or fragments. Follow specific instructions for the chosen moss variety to ensure successful establishment. It is also important to keep the moss well-watered during the establishment phase to promote healthy growth and prevent desiccation.

4.4 Moss Care and Maintenance

Once established, moss requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional lawns or other ground covers. Here are some key considerations for moss care:

Watering: Moss prefers consistently moist conditions, so regular watering is necessary, especially during dry periods. Water the moss gently and avoid overwatering to prevent waterlogging, which can lead to moss rot.

Shade and Light: Moss thrives in shaded or partially shaded areas. Monitor the sunlight exposure in your landscape and provide shade if needed to maintain optimal growing conditions for the moss.

Weed Control: Unlike traditional lawns, moss does not compete well with weeds. Keep the moss area free from weeds by manually removing them or using organic weed control methods. Avoid using chemical herbicides that can harm the moss.

Avoid Foot Traffic: Moss is delicate and can be easily damaged by foot traffic. Minimize walking on moss-covered areas to preserve its lush appearance. If moss is used in high-traffic areas, consider adding stepping stones or a designated pathway to protect the moss from excessive trampling.

Fertilization: Moss does not require regular fertilization. In fact, excessive nutrients can encourage the growth of unwanted plants. However, if the moss appears pale or lacks vigor, you can apply a specialized moss fertilizer sparingly, following the product instructions.

Wholesale Nursery Co.: Your Source for Moss Excellence

5.1 Extensive Selection and Quality Assurance

Wholesale Nursery Co. takes pride in offering an extensive selection of high-quality moss varieties. Each moss variety is carefully inspected and sourced from trusted growers to ensure its health, vibrancy, and beauty. We prioritize excellence and guarantee that the moss you receive will meet the highest standards of quality.

5.2 Competitive Wholesale Pricing

At Wholesale Nursery Co., we believe that embracing natural elegance should be affordable for all. That’s why we offer competitive wholesale pricing on our moss selection. Whether you’re a professional landscaper working on large-scale projects or a passionate gardener creating a small oasis, our wholesale pricing makes it convenient and cost-effective to bring the captivating beauty of moss to your landscape.

5.3 Expert Guidance and Customer Support

We understand that incorporating moss into your landscape can be a new and exciting venture. That’s why Wholesale Nursery Co. provides expert guidance and support every step of the way. Our knowledgeable team of horticulture experts is available to answer your questions, offer advice on moss selection and care, and provide personalized assistance to ensure your success in creating a moss-filled landscape.

5.4 Convenient Ordering and Delivery

Wholesale Nursery Co. aims to make your purchasing experience seamless and convenient. Our online platform provides a user-friendly interface where you can browse our diverse moss selection, view detailed descriptions, and place your order with ease. We offer secure payment options and provide regular updates on the status of your purchase. With our reliable delivery service, your moss will be carefully packaged and shipped to your doorstep, ensuring its freshness and quality.


Embrace natural elegance and transform your landscape with the captivating beauty of moss. Wholesale Nursery Co. offers a wide range of premium moss varieties for sale, providing you with the opportunity to create enchanting moss gardens, accentuate shaded areas, or add visual interest to your landscape. With our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, expert guidance, and convenient ordering, Wholesale Nursery Co. is your trusted source for all your moss needs. Discover the allure of moss and bring a touch of natural elegance to your outdoor spaces today.