how to hide your followers on instagram without private account: People can now make money using social media. And, whether through brand endorsements or the brand itself, a large number of followers can suggest a lot. For example, the more individuals who follow you, the more legitimate your account appears, making Instagram followers quite valuable. At the same time, a buyer should be aware of where he or she is purchasing followers. This is to ensure that you are not duped and receive only genuine followers in return. But don’t worry, because this post will explain everything, as it discusses Cookape, a platform that offers genuine Instagram followers. So, if you’re looking for a way to get free followers, keep reading: 

Cookape App Information 

Cookape followers” is a website dedicated to Instagrammers who want to improve their Instagram ranking by purchasing followers. Users can purchase likes and views in addition to followers to ensure that the profile grows not just in terms of followers but also in terms of general insights. Anyone who wants to make their profile look more important can go to the official website and gain immediate followers. However, it is also vital to note that Cookape is a third-party app, and Instagram does not permit the use of such apps.


How to Begin with Cookape 

  • The app is designed with an easy-to-use UI. As a result, neither getting started nor utilizing it will be difficult. Here’s how you can begin: 
  • Open the web browser on your phone if you have a good internet connection. 
  • Type Cookape.
  • The most relevant website will be displayed at the top. Simply click on it. 
  • On the Cookape homepage, click the search bar in the upper right corner of the page. 
  • The search tool is blue, and you must enter ‘free followers’ and then search
  • The page that asks for your username and password.
  • Enter the number of new followers that you want to add in the option of ‘get free followers’.
  • Your new followers will begin to appear in your profile after a while. 

How does the Cookape app work? 

The app is quite good at providing free Instagram followers. The platform’s users are only a few clicks away from gaining more followers, likes, and views. One of the best things about utilising Cookape is how simple the interface is. If necessary, you may also use it to review post insights on Instagram and personalise your content strategy. It includes a compatible analytics tool for determining the best time for uploads, hashtag efficiency, and more. Everything adds up to one thing: page growth

Advantages of Using Cookape 

As enticing as it may sound to gain Cookape Instagram followers fast, the benefits that come with it are also appealing. Some of its advantages, which provide compelling reasons for trying it out, are as follows:  

  • Free followers that can improve the overall appearance of any Instagram account. 
  • More followers means more people will take you seriously when it comes to brand deals. 
  • Better brand deals imply a higher pay scale and, as a result, higher online revenue. 

Tips for Using Cookape Instagram Followers

Here are a few techniques and tricks you can use to boost your profile: 

  • Make the most of the tab features, particularly on the analytics tool. This ensures that you receive real-time updates on post reach, follower growth, interaction, and so on. 
  • Engage with other Instagram influencers and try to work with them. As a result, their audience will begin to follow you as well. 
  • Take chances and experiment as much as possible. Post a range of stuff before deciding what is ideal for you. 
  • Post content during peak hours. You can also use Cookape to determine when the correct moment is.
  • Hashtags are useful if you know how to use them, therefore learn how to use them. 

Is it legal to use Cookape to gain more Instagram followers?

This site has got to be one of the simplest ways to gain Instagram followers. However, it is uncertain whether or not utilising third-party programmes such as Cookape is legal. Furthermore, this matter has been highly contentious and has resulted in a quandary. Instagram does not advertise such apps for increasing followers, despite the fact that numerous celebrities and influencers have been caught in the act. And, because Instagram rarely takes action against them, it is reasonable to assume that you can use them as well. 

The Cookape Instagram followers platform is a wonderful and stylish portal. However, its security cannot be assured. Users that use the site to gain free followers must always maintain an extra degree of security. 

Best Cookape substitutes 

  • Tech Winks
  • Crowd fire
  • Speedy gram
  • Sprout Social
  • Player up
  • Project insta
  • son likes
  • buffer
  • Social wick
  • vip likes
  • Venium
  • Popular up
  • metrical 


The Cookape app is one of the top applications for free Instagram followers, and it performs a good job. It has a simple approach and followers appear almost instantly. Online safety appears to be legitimate as well; yet, it is always advised that you do not blindly trust this website. As a wise internet user, you should utilise a VPN before viewing the website and avoid entering personal information on it.

Q1. Is Cookape solely concerned with providing free Instagram followers?

Ans: No, the Cookape app offers free likes and more views to Instagram users in addition to free followers. They are all genuine and can improve the overall performance of any Instagram account.

Q2. How do you gain free Cookape followers?

Ans: To obtain free followers from Cookape, simply input your Instagram username and the number of followers you desire. New Instagram followers will be added to your account after a while.

Q3. Will using Cookape harm online security?

Cookape’s authenticity is still being debated. There is no guarantee that the website is 100% secure and may be requesting personal information. Furthermore, while this network provides free Instagram followers, it may be a means of obtaining users’ personal information. Furthermore, the website provides no authentic means of connection.